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KB 4000 Fly Box

    The KB 4000 Fly Box is a convenient fly tying kit for home or for use during monster square-tail expeditions. I hope the pictures are worth 4000 words because it's hard to describe what's all in here. Heres a short summary:

    ♦♦ A large box for vices, tools, or extra material storage.

    ♦♦ A front cover that becomes a tying table that includes a dished out section for material storage.

    ♦♦ A rack that holds up to 20 spools of thread or other tying material.

    ♦♦ 12 glass vials for glue, varnish, beads, mickey balls, and whatever fits.

    ♦♦ 5 sliding shelves for fur, feathers, and whatever fits.

    ♦♦ 12 dish-cut hook boxes with label holders. Each box can contain up to 3 different types of hooks. A hook box with a single dish can handle up to 4 inch hooks. Again, if anything besides hooks will fit then they'll work for that as well.

    ♦♦ A removable drawer for temporary fly storage and drying.

    ♦♦ A removable drawer for scissors, bobbins, and whatever.

    ♦♦ A large removable junk drawer for whatever.

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